Tabata Strength Workout

I haven’t posted a workout in a long time, but felt compelled to share this one I completed  on Thursday and still feeling it (actually feeling it worse two days later!).  I applied the Tabata principle to some basic strength moves and what we have is a simple, no brainer full body dumbbell workout that takes under 20 minutes.  Don’t be shy with the amount of weight you use (obviously I wasn’t because I’m struggling to walk the stairs this morning)

Equipment: dumbbells, bench (optional – floor works too)

Program: perform each superset Tabata-style 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest x 8 rounds. You’ll complete each exercise 4x during round.  Rest about 1 minute between supersets.


  1. Front squats & shoulder press
  2. Deadlifts & bent over wide row
  3. Alternating reverse lunges & chest press
  4. Hammer curls & supine skull crushers

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