Full Body High Intensity Workout

Grab a couple kettlebells (or dumbbells) and complete this fat burning + strength building circuit  in a little over 15 minutes!

Equipment: light and heavy kettlebell or dumbbells

Program: 30 seconds work/10 seconds rest x 12 rounds — repeat 2 x


  1. Squat thrust (left)
  2. Single leg deadlift (left)
  3. Squat thrust (right)
  4. Single leg deadlift (right)
  5. Curtsy lunge with knee lift (left)
  6. Skullcrushers
  7. Cursty lunge with knee lift (right)
  8. High pulls
  9. Two-arm swing
  10. Surrenders (left)
  11. Sumo squat with alternating side leg lift
  12. Surrenders (right)

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