Summer Workout! 

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted a new workout.   This one targets you head to toe, perfect for swimsuit season!

Equipment: dumbells, mat

Program: 15 reps each exercise x 3 rounds (circuit style).  Rest about a minute between rounds.


  1. Overhead squat
  2. Reverse lunge with overhead press (15 each leg R, then L)
  3. Forward lunge with chest press (15 each leg, alternate)
  4. Reverse lunge with rotation (15 each leg R, then L)
  5. Sumo squat with front raise
  6. Deadlifts
  7. Push up with leg lift (15 total, alternate leg lift)
  8. Russian twists (R, L equal 1 rep)
  9. Lying leg raise

Arms, A$$ and Abs

Hands-down I get more requests for exercises/workouts for these body parts than any others.  Try this workout a few times the week before before hitting the beach or pool!  

I didn’t have time to film this week, so message me with any questions about the exercises!

Equipment: Exercise ball, dumbbells, gliders (optional)

Program: Perform each 3-move circuit 2-3x before moving on to the next circuit.  Rest minimally.


Circuit #1 – 15 push-ups, 15 exercise ball hamstring curls and exercise ball plank with 15 knee tucks

Circuit #2 – 10 bent over wide dumbbell row, 10 single-leg bench glute bridge and 20 (10 each leg) SLOW glider mountain climbers

Circuit #3 – 10 bicep curl to overhead shoulder press combo, 10 (each) offset bench step-up to knee lift into reverse lunge and 10 (each) side plank with leg lifts


Arms & Abs

Get ready to fire up your arms and abs with this mat workout that targets both!

Equipment: dumbbells, mat

Program: 15-20 reps x 3 rounds.  Perform all exercises in a circuit.  Rest about 1 minute between rounds.


  1. Boat + curl/press combo
  2. Bridge + chest press/skullcrusher combo
  3. Straight arm roll-ups + double press
  4. Plank row with twist
  5. Side plank with side raise (R, L)

Arm Supersets

I’ve been recently focusing on my upper body strength, specifically shoulders to prepare for my Spain backpack trip.  I’ve noticed during my training hikes wearing my weighted backpack that my shoulders and upper back are sore after each hike.  I get plenty of lower body work with my running and barre classes, so my focus until I leave in two weeks will be this workout or a variation of it.

Equipment: dumbbells, bench or chair

Program: 10 reps x 4 sets of each superset.  Rest minimally between exercise.  Rest about 30 seconds before starting each set.


#1 Overhead shoulder press, bicep curls, triceps bench dip

#2 Upright row, hammer curls, triceps kickbacks

#3 Bentover rear fly, chest fly, dumbbell pullovers

Pre or Post Cardio Upper Arm Workout

Here’s a quick but effective arm workout that you can add to your regular cardio.  Use heavy enough weights that have you struggling to complete the last 1-2 reps.

Equipment: Dumbbells

Program: 10 reps x 3 sets each exercise.  Rest about 30 seconds between sets.  Rest about 45-60 seconds between exercises.


  1. Overhead shoulder press
  2. Upright row
  3. Lateral raises
  4. Reverse flys
  5. Forward raises
  6. Bicep curls
  7. Overhead triceps extension
  8. 1 1/2  Bicep curls (one full-range curl + one half-range curl = 1 rep)
  9. 1 1/2 Bentover triceps kickbacks (same as above)

New Workout!

It’s been forever.   I hope you have been enjoying the archives though.

Here’s a quick workout that targets your push and pull muscles in your upper body.  I did this one yesterday morning after my run and I’m feeling it today!

Equipment: dumbbell, bench/chair, mat

Program: 45 seconds each x 2 rounds, except the warm-up and finisher.


  1. Warm-up: 1 minute continuous  – 2 plank walks, 4 plank shoulder taps, and 8 mountain climbers
  2. Single-arm dumbbell chest press (45 seconds each side)
  3. Single-arm bicep curl
  4. Push-ups
  5. Dumbbell pullover
  6. Triceps dip
  7. Single-arm row
  8. Finisher: 1 minute continuous  – 2 plank walks, 4 plank shoulder taps, and 8 mountain climbers

Boredom Buster Upper Body Workout

This is a tough, but quick workout that targets your entire upper body.  You only do one set of each exercise and nothing is repeated.  I’ve been adding this on to a few of my client’s workouts this week as a burnout and they love it!

Equipment: dumbbells, bench (optional)

Program: 10 reps PLUS 10 alternating arm/side (each) reps x 1 round.  Rest minimally between two arm and single arm sections.  Little rest between exercises.


  1. Bentover dumbbell row
  2. Dumbbell chest press
  3. Overhead military press
  4. Complex shoulder raises (alternating front/side – 10 total, no single arm work here)
  5. Skullcrushers
  6. Hammer curls
  7. Upright row
  8. Chest fly
  9. Pullovers
  10. Triceps kickbacks
  11. In and out bicep curls (alternating in/out – 10 total, no single arm work here)
  12. Reverse fly