Summer Workout! 

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted a new workout.   This one targets you head to toe, perfect for swimsuit season!

Equipment: dumbells, mat

Program: 15 reps each exercise x 3 rounds (circuit style).  Rest about a minute between rounds.


  1. Overhead squat
  2. Reverse lunge with overhead press (15 each leg R, then L)
  3. Forward lunge with chest press (15 each leg, alternate)
  4. Reverse lunge with rotation (15 each leg R, then L)
  5. Sumo squat with front raise
  6. Deadlifts
  7. Push up with leg lift (15 total, alternate leg lift)
  8. Russian twists (R, L equal 1 rep)
  9. Lying leg raise

Arms, A$$ and Abs

Hands-down I get more requests for exercises/workouts for these body parts than any others.  Try this workout a few times the week before before hitting the beach or pool!  

I didn’t have time to film this week, so message me with any questions about the exercises!

Equipment: Exercise ball, dumbbells, gliders (optional)

Program: Perform each 3-move circuit 2-3x before moving on to the next circuit.  Rest minimally.


Circuit #1 – 15 push-ups, 15 exercise ball hamstring curls and exercise ball plank with 15 knee tucks

Circuit #2 – 10 bent over wide dumbbell row, 10 single-leg bench glute bridge and 20 (10 each leg) SLOW glider mountain climbers

Circuit #3 – 10 bicep curl to overhead shoulder press combo, 10 (each) offset bench step-up to knee lift into reverse lunge and 10 (each) side plank with leg lifts


Kettlebell HIIT

This workout is focused on the legs, but there are a few little ‘breaks’ built in that target your arms.  Performing the moves in a continuous circuit creates the HIIT/cardio component where you get more bang for your workout buck!

Equipment: Two (2) kettlebells (heavy and light) or two dumbbells work just as well.

Program: 30 seconds work/10 seconds rest x 10 round.  Rest about 1 minute and repeat for a total of 3 times.


  1. Goblet squats
  2. Sumo deadlifts
  3. Single arm overhead shoulder press (right)
  4. Single arm overhead shoulder press (left)
  5. Side-to-side squats (stay low!)
  6. Sumo squat to high pull
  7. Cowboy walk (stay low!)
  8. Overhead triceps extensions
  9. Kettlebell bicep curls (or dumbbell)
  10. Squat with alternating reverse lunge combo



All about the (B)ass

Turn up the music and get ready to work the glutes!  

Equipment: resistance band (loop), mat, kettlebell

Program: Perform the following exercises in a circuit with little or no rest.  Rest about 1 minute and repeat up to 2-3 times.


(10) Squat with band leg lift (right, then left)

(20)  Glute bridge with band press/(20) bridge hold with band press pulse

(10) Offset rear lunge with rear leg lift (right, then left)

(10) Offset single-leg deadlift (right, then left)

(20) Kettlebell swing

Kettlebell Core Workout

No lie, this workout is a bit hard.  You are switching exercises quickly though and the longer duration of the AMRAP let’s you really dig in and work on your form.  Remember to keep your hips down and line with your spine during the plank exercises to maximize the work on your core!

Equipment: kettle bell (maybe one heavy, one lighter), mat

Program: (10) reps each/8 minutes AMRAP.  Rest about 1 minute and repeat.


Goblet squats

Mountain climbers

Curtsy lunge (right, then left)

Plank hops

Squat w/high pull (right, then left)

Plank jacks

Woodchop (right, then left)


*Please note that I forgot to film a demo of the last exercise (long jump + (2) jacks back) — Oops!

This is my favorite workout so far this week!  There are a lot of exercises, but it goes quickly.  I taught a version of this to my Barre Cardio class and added light dumbbell arm work between sets for an added challenge.

Equipment: none (or light dumbbells if you add the bonus arm exercises)

Program: 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest x 12 rounds.  Repeat for a total of two times (or 3 times if you dare!)


  1. (2) jacks + (2) jabs
  2. speedskaters
  3. high knees
  4. squat jack + alternating touch
  5. shuffle + alternating lunge touch
  6. bunny hop + squat
  7. criss cross + tuck
  8. jump squat + pulse
  9. knee drivers (right leg)
  10. side shuffle + knee lift
  11. knee drivers (left leg)
  12. long jump + (2) jacks back

Bonus dumbbell arm work between sets: (1 minute) overhead press, front/side raises, punches

Backpack Workout

I am walking the Camino de Santiago this summer and will be required to carry my backpack for 40 days straight, 6-8 hours a day!  I am adding this workout at least once a week leading up to the trip to help prepare my body.  This workout targets your legs, core and upper back.

Equipment: weighted vest or backpack, bench, dumbbells, mat

Program: 10-12 reps each x 3 set.  Rest about a 30 seconds between sets.  Rest about a minute before moving onto the next exercise.  Start light with your load.  The vest I’m wearing is 10 lbs.


  1. Bench step-ups with knee lift (R, then L) — option to add additional resistance in the form of dumbbells 
  2. Bench step-downs (R, then L) — option to add additional resistance in the form of dumbbells 
  3. Rotating upward chop w/dumbbell (R, then L)
  4. Squat, curl, overhead press combo
  5. Side plank with hip dips
  6. Plank walk (switch lead arm halfway through set)
  7. Elevated single-leg bridge