Boredom Buster Upper Body Workout

This is a tough, but quick workout that targets your entire upper body.  You only do one set of each exercise and nothing is repeated.  I’ve been adding this on to a few of my client’s workouts this week as a burnout and they love it!

Equipment: dumbbells, bench (optional)

Program: 10 reps PLUS 10 alternating arm/side (each) reps x 1 round.  Rest minimally between two arm and single arm sections.  Little rest between exercises.


  1. Bentover dumbbell row
  2. Dumbbell chest press
  3. Overhead military press
  4. Complex shoulder raises (alternating front/side – 10 total, no single arm work here)
  5. Skullcrushers
  6. Hammer curls
  7. Upright row
  8. Chest fly
  9. Pullovers
  10. Triceps kickbacks
  11. In and out bicep curls (alternating in/out – 10 total, no single arm work here)
  12. Reverse fly


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