Arms, A$$ and Abs

Hands-down I get more requests for exercises/workouts for these body parts than any others.  Try this workout a few times the week before before hitting the beach or pool!  

I didn’t have time to film this week, so message me with any questions about the exercises!

Equipment: Exercise ball, dumbbells, gliders (optional)

Program: Perform each 3-move circuit 2-3x before moving on to the next circuit.  Rest minimally.


Circuit #1 – 15 push-ups, 15 exercise ball hamstring curls and exercise ball plank with 15 knee tucks

Circuit #2 – 10 bent over wide dumbbell row, 10 single-leg bench glute bridge and 20 (10 each leg) SLOW glider mountain climbers

Circuit #3 – 10 bicep curl to overhead shoulder press combo, 10 (each) offset bench step-up to knee lift into reverse lunge and 10 (each) side plank with leg lifts


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